Design & Prepress

We have gone to great lengths to hire and equip a top notch design and prepress team. We have the ability to make your vision reality. Our rates are reasonable and resources broad. Give us a call today.
Pre-Press Applications:
Quark Xpress
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PDF
Macromedia Freehand
Microsoft Publisher

Quark Xpress:
When collecting files to Output, collect the layout, linked pictures, screen fonts, and printer fonts. Please do not embed any artwork.

Adobe InDesign:
When packaging Adobe InDesign files copy fonts, link graphics, and update graphic links in package.

Microsoft Publisher Files:
Make sure all art is in CMYK mode. When preparing the file to take to Hardwick & Son Printing, use the "Pack and Go" "Take to a Commercial Printer" feature found under the "File" menu in Publisher.

When using Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign please include all printer and screen fonts. When supplying Illustrator or Freehand files, please convert all fonts to curves or paths.

Storage Media:
We accept CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disk, USB Flash Drives, and ZIP 100 disk.

Art files may only be submitted as .eps, .tif, and .pdf format.

Eps files should have all artwork embedded and fonts included or converted to curves/paths. If your .eps file is a raster image (example: Photoshop .eps) please make sure the file resolution is 300 ppi and saved at finish size (the size it will be printed at).

Tiff files should be flattened (no layers retained). Photos and other tonal images should have a resolution of 300 ppi and saved at finish size (the size it will be printed at). Line art should have a resolution of 1200 ppi.

Pdf files should be created using the "For Press" settings. All fonts should be included. Do not compress images and do not change the resolution of art files. Customer is responsible for making sure that all images are saved in CMYK mode. Make sure color output of pdf is set to CMYK. Include the bleed at .125" symmetrically. Do not use registration marks.

FTP Site:
Our FTP site saves our clients a tremendous amount of time. We can setup an account for your business free of charge, assign you a unique name and password, and you can take advantage of the speed of our FTP site immediately. Call our prepress department to take advantage of the Hardwick & Son Printing FTP site today.

If you have any questions about our requirements or capabilities please call us at 334-792-484 and ask to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members in our Pre-Press Department.